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    LAC Partners with Sygnia to Enhance their Cyber Emergency Center’s Incident Response Capabilities

    February 6, 2023

    Leading managed security service provider enters partnership to address the escalating threat of cyber incidents with Sygnia’s advanced technology and global incident response expertise

    TEL AVIV & NEW YORK – FEBRUARY 6, 2023 Sygnia, an elite cyber services and technology company which provides high-end consulting and incident response support for organizations worldwide, today announced a strategic partnership with LAC Co., Ltd, to enhance the incident response capabilities of LAC’s Cyber Emergency Center. The partnership will help LAC speed up their Cyber Emergency Center’s response services for security-related incidents by leveraging Sygnia’s world-class Velocity XDR technology, global incident response expertise, and ransomware negotiation capabilities.

     Learn more about Sygnia’s Cyber Security Services and Technology and LAC’s Cyber Emergency Center

    As the cyber threat landscape becomes more complex and sophisticated, companies are increasingly vulnerable to state and non-state actors using advanced techniques and tools to compromise critical assets. In light of these challenges, companies affected by cyber-attacks often struggle to find reliable and responsive managed security service providers (MSSPs) to handle incident response and recovery. This can put their operations and business continuity at risk.

    LAC's partnership with Sygnia will enhance the Cyber Emergency Center’s capabilities and technologies, allowing it to be equipped to provide effective incident response and recovery services to a growing number of clients, even in the face of the most advanced cyber threats.

    "We are excited to partner with LAC, a well-respected name in the Japanese cybersecurity industry, to enhance their Cyber Emergency Center’s incident response capabilities," said Ram Elboim, CEO of Sygnia. "Our global incident response expertise and advanced technology, combined with LAC's experience, will provide existing and new clients with more efficient and impactful solutions when impacted by cyber-attacks."

    "Together with Sygnia’s world class team and technology, we are not just addressing the incident response challenges of today's cyber threat landscape, we are proactively building the resilient infrastructure necessary to protect our customers' critical assets and operations, now and in the future,” said Itsuro Nishimoto, President of LAC Co., Ltd.

    Learn more about Sygnia’s Cyber Security Services and Technology and LAC’s Cyber Emergency Center

    About Sygnia
    Sygnia is a leading cyber technology and services company which provides high-end consulting and incident response support for organizations worldwide. Sygnia works with companies to proactively build their cyber resilience and to respond and defeat attacks within their networks. The proven track record, commitment, and discretion have earned Sygnia the trust of security teams, senior executives, and management boards at leading organizations worldwide including many of the Fortune 500 companies. Sygnia is a Temasek company, part of the ISTARI Collective. For more about Sygnia, visit

    About LAC Co., Ltd.
    LAC provides services that solve various social and business issues with its extensive experience and cutting-edge technology in system integration and cyber security. Since our founding, we have been involved in the development of infrastructure systems that support Japanese society, such as the financial and manufacturing industries. In recent years, we have also been working on the latest IT services suitable for the DX era, such as AI, cloud, and telework. In addition, from the start of Japan's first information security service in 1995 to the present, we have provided comprehensive security services such as JSOC, one of the largest security monitoring centers in Japan, cyber emergency centers, vulnerability diagnosis, penetration tests, and IoT security. We are always at the forefront of the latest cyber-attack countermeasures and accident response. LAC continues to grow as a leading company in the information security field.

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