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    The Misconceptions of 2021's Black Swan Cyber Events

    First published on Dark Reading, Apr 14 Organizations can defend themselves from future unknows attacks by implementing targeted security hardening measures, turning on...

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      Featured Incident Response Threat Hunting

      Sygnia Advisory: Potential Okta Breach

      executive summary On March 22nd, 2022, the LAPSUS$ threat group published potential evidence of a successful breach of Okta, a widely used identity provider. This... Read More
      Featured Incident Response Threat Hunting

      Advisory: Russia–Ukraine Conflict Escalation

      executive summary As we continue to closely monitor the unfolding conflict between Russia and Ukraine, we're publishing this advisory to support global organizations. The... Read More
      Incident Response

      Amir Becker Joins Sygnia to Lead Global Incident Response Division

      Becker, who was previously Head of the Cyber Operations Division (Colonel) of Unit 8200, IDF’s elite cyber and intelligence unit, will be leading the global team of top... Read More
      Incident Response Threat Research Blog Post

      7 Cyber Attacks That Kept the Industry Talking in 2021

      As we start 2022, it’s time to take a good look back at the year we’re leaving behind us. At Sygnia, we’ve always been dedicated to the cyber security community, uncovering... Read More
      Incident Response

      Sygnia to Host Webinar on Actionable Incident Response Strategies for 2022

      TEL-AVIV, Israel and NEW YORK, January 25, 2022 – Sygnia, a leading incident response and cyber security consulting company that protects organizations worldwide, announces... Read More
      Featured Threat Report Threat Research

      Elephant Beetle: Uncovering an Organized Financial-Theft Operation

      For the past two years, Sygnia’s Incident Response (IR) team has been methodically tracking the Elephant Beetle threat group, an organized, significant financial-theft... Read More