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    Why Monitoring Monitors Is the Key to Cyber Threat Resilience

    Protect your organization by monitoring the monitors – a critical defense against cyber threats. First published on spiceworks, November 6, 2023

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      Incident Response Threat Hunting

      Threat Actor Spotlight: RagnarLocker Ransomware

      Key Takeaways The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) recently published their internet crime report for 2022. The report indicates that during 2022 there was an... Read More
      DPAPI Adversarial Security Red Team

      The Downfall Of Dpapi Top Secret Weapon

      TL;DR In recent years, the Windows DPAPI mechanism has been exploited by threat actors to extract secrets across an organization, using the immutable DPAPI domain backup key... Read More
      Threat Hunting Blog Post

      Incident Response in Google Cloud: Forensic Artifacts

      Key Takeaways Forensic data across Google Cloud can logically be organized into three categories: Identity Management, Google Workspace Apps, and Google Cloud Platform... Read More
      OT Security

      The Future of OT Security

      By Rafael Maman, VP OT Security Disclaimer: OT Security is a broad discipline, covering a wide range of industrial and operational domains: from manufacturing, through... Read More
      Incident Response Threat Hunting Blog Post

      Incident Response in Google Cloud: Foundations

      Key Takeaways Although Google Cloud is becoming more widely used, research and documentation surrounding incident response is limited, and for many aspects non-existent. ... Read More
      Featured Incident Response Threat Research

      Revealing Emperor Dragonfly: Night Sky and Cheerscrypt - A Single Ransomware Group

      Sygnia recently investigated a Cheerscrypt ransomware attack which utilized Night Sky ransomware TTPs. Further analysis revealed that Cheerscrypt and Night Sky are both... Read More