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    Why Monitoring Monitors Is the Key to Cyber Threat Resilience

    Protect your organization by monitoring the monitors – a critical defense against cyber threats. First published on spiceworks, November 6, 2023

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      Featured Incident Response Threat Hunting

      Vice Society TTPs: Insights from a Real-World Ransomware Investigation

      Key Takeaways Vice Society is a ransomware group that has been carrying out double extortion attacks for over a year. While continuing to wage attacks, the group remains... Read More
      Featured Adversary Security Blog Post red team infrastructure

      Offensive CI/CD – A Cat on a Vessel

      TL;DR- How we leveraged CI/CD pipelines to solve the challenge of automating the streamline of evasion techniques into existing tools and deploy them in the field to enact... Read More
      Featured Threat Report Threat Research

      Luna Moth: The Threat Actors Behind Recent False Subscription Scams

      Over the last few months, Sygnia’s Incident Response team has been methodically tracking the 'Luna Moth' ransom group. Their modus-operandi resembles scammers, with the... Read More
      Featured Incident Response Threat Hunting

      The Misconceptions of 2021's Black Swan Cyber Events

      First published on Dark Reading, Apr 14 Organizations can defend themselves from future unknows attacks by implementing targeted security hardening measures, turning on... Read More
      Featured Incident Response Threat Hunting

      Hybrid Phishing Attack Vector – Complementing Phishing Campaigns

      Key Takeaways Read More
      Featured Incident Response Threat Hunting

      Sygnia Advisory: Key Takeaways Leak of Conti crime group information

      The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has led to a wide range of impacts and outcomes globally, and across industries. In the cyber domain, one of the most recent... Read More